Attract More Clients through Deeply Connecting Marketing & E-mail Copywriting

As you sit down to write that email you have a feeling this will be the one! This is the one that will get you those sales call bookings so you can sell seats in your new group program that’s very close to starting. It takes you a whole hour to write the short email because it is so hard to figure out what to day, but eventually it’s completed and sent out.

Now you wait… a few hours pass and no calls are booked. 


Master Your Marketing & Copywriting Skills

Experience your next breakthrough during this intimate, 6-week Powerhouse California group program.

It’s ok, maybe people haven’t seen it yet... 

Then a few days pass and still, there is no response - total crickets. Ouch. You have no choice but to acknowledge that your email fell flat.

Your dreams of a sell out program full of women you are truly making a difference for disappear completely.

It doesn’t have to be like this - I promise.

What if instead you could send an email, and have 5 sales calls booked within 30 minutes (and 10 calls within a day!)?

That’s something Corrina created following my deep connection copywriting formula, and trust me - you can do it too!

You don’t have to be “special,” and you don’t have to be a writer.

You already have everything you need inside of you to deeply connect with your client, it’s just a matter of unleashing it. 

Luckily, my team and I can help you with that.

Introducing… Powerhouse California.

Would having 10 sales calls booked from ONE email make a difference for you and your business?

Let me teach you the exact formula Tracy used to make that happen.

What You Will Learn From Powerhouse California:
Amy Yamada
Business Coach
My name is Amy Yamada, and I am committed to helping you build a deep connection with your ideal clients through authentic marketing messaging.
Have you ever said one of these things?
“I’m writing emails to my list, and no one is getting back to me.”
“Maybe my email list is dead.”
“I feel like I sound like every other coach out there.”
“Honestly… I don’t even know how to describe what I’m selling.”
“Who am I to think I can attract high-paying clients”
“I’ve had my business for two years now, and I STILL don’t know who my ideal client is…”
These thoughts will keep you stuck. Luckily, I can support you in breaking through to the other side.

Over the last six years, I have coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and spoken in front of thousands of them on how to create unique marketing messaging and write email copy that personally connects and converts with the RIGHT clients.
If you don’t know what to do or say when HAVE a list or when your most ideal clients are right in front of you, it can be a challenge to take your business to six figures and beyond. It’s time to build your business confidence from within.
Once you and/or your team learn these skills, you can build ANY level of business you’d like.

If you’re ready to join me...

Here’s How the Powerhouse California experience will work....
In true Powerhouse style, you will join me and an intimate group of other heart-centered entrepreneurs for
a 6-week experience which includes a 2-day retreat in a gorgeous mansion in Rancho Santa Fe, California. 
Together, we will discover the secrets to creating deeply connecting marketing messaging and email copywriting 
that converts your ideal prospects to buyers.
Are you ready to master your messaging and copywriting so you can finally make the income and impact you desire?

What is Included:

Five (5) group ZOOM coaching calls led by Amy (1 prior to the 2-Day Retreat, and 4 after). 
Connect with our team and community to ask questions and prepare for our 2-day retreat. 

(Value $5000)

One private coaching call with Amy prior to the 2-Day retreat to talk about your specific goals. 

(Value $1000)

A two-day intensive training retreat* in a luxurious setting with Business Coach Amy Yamada and her team. 

(Value $15,000)

*accommodations and transport are not included
What to Expect at the Powerhouse California 2-Day Retreat
Day #1

9am: Coffee & Tea Happy Hour and Socializing 

9:30am: Welcome to Powerhouse! Introductions and Setting Intentions! 
10:15am: 15-minute break 

10:30am: Marketing Messaging Training: How to Stand Out as an Expert in Your Industry (with confidence and ease) 

12pm: Two-minute presentations: You get to share your Marketing Mission Statement with our group and receive feedback
12:30pm: Lunch 

2pm: Deep Connection Copywriting Training: Learn and implement Amy’s signature copywriting training that has helped entrepreneurs increase open rates, click-through rates, and booking strategy/ discovery calls! 

3pm: Implementation (Writing Work Sessions and 1:1 coaching) 
4pm: 15-minute break 

4:15pm: Let’s Talk FB Live Videos, Strategy and do a FB Live Video exercise 

6pm: End of Day One  

Day #2

9am: Coffee & Tea Happy Hour and Socializing  

9:30am: 6-month Marketing Strategy & Editorial Calendar Planning

10:30am: 15-minute break  

10:45am: Implementation (Planning Work Session & 1:1 coaching)  

12pm: Q&A Session 
12:30pm: Lunch  

2pm: How to handle sales objections with ease and flow
3:30pm: 20-minute break  

3:50pm: Laser Coaching for your unique business’ needs  

5pm: Biggest Takeaways & Action Steps 

6pm: End of the Day 

Your Investment: $17,000

$5000 (best value) or 
$500 down payment + 2 payments of $2500

Apply for the Powerhouse California experience now…
Will this really make a difference in my business?
Absolutely! Deeply connecting with your ideal customer is crucial. If you cannot convey what you do and how you can help your ideal customer then you will not be able to sell your services.
I just started my business or am making less than 6-figures, can you still help me?
Yes! Powerhouse is great for you no matter what your current income level is. Mastering your marketing message and copywriting is critical for scaling your business, whatever your next income goal is.

Is this just for coaches?!
This program is great for any service-based business - coaches, service providers, teachers, etc. 
Do I need to have an email list to participate in this experience?
What you learn at Powerhouse California applies to any and all areas of marketing. You can use what you learn in this 6-week experience to make videos, social media posts, lives, and presentations that convert.
I really want to do this, but I’m not sure how I can afford this! Any thoughts?
This experience is an investment designed to get you returns. If what you learn can connect you with just 1-2 prospects who buy your high-end services, you will make back your investment. If this is a YES for you (and trust me, you already know) then let’s talk. 
See You In California!
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