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Here’s What You Will Discover During this FREE Workshop

  • The exact template I give my clients to help them create their own client attraction plan
  • What I put in my plan to make sure I hit my revenue goals
  • ​How I make sure I always have family time, and time for my friends, to take vacations, and to have FUN
  • ​The weird way I bust through overwhelm using a super common office supply
  • ​The mistakes I’ve made in 10 years of running my business, and how I’m overcoming them to generate my biggest revenue numbers to date in 2022
  • ​A sneak peek at my personal plan for the new year
My clients WIN every week, and you’re next!

She said yes to my 6-month program for $5000 paid in full!
Susan G.

I had a $10,000 month!
June G.

I pitched a new offer to a client last night - six months at $5K. She agreed!
Renee J.

Two pay-in-fulls this week… celebration!
Cat D.

I confirmed my 10th woman for my 6-month program!!
Lauren B.

I sold a $10K 1:1 package, and Thursday… I’ve never sold higher than around 6K for any offer…
Tara T.

Hi, I’m Amy Yamada!

I am committed to helping you build a deep connection with your ideal clients through authentic marketing messaging and heart-centered sales conversations.
After working in the local Seattle media scene as a Marketing Director and an Advertising Executive for fifteen years, I knew I wanted something more… and it wasn’t continuing to climb the corporate ladder.
I started my coaching practice 10 years ago, and through using what I’m about to teach out in this free workshop, I’ve scaled to a multiple 7-figure brand.
A clear client attraction plan that supports your revenue goals AND makes room for FUN is KEY if you want to serve more people and enjoy the journey along the way. Can’t wait to train you on this!

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