So You Can Have More Time and Space to Focus on What You Love, Free Up Your Calendar, 
and STILL Enroll New Clients Every Week
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Here’s What You Will Discover During this $0.00 Workshop

  • The exact job posting I used to hire my dream sales team (who is crushing it by the way!)
  • ​How to choose the right people for your team based on your individual needs, and how to compensate your sales team
  • ​Mistakes I’ve made along the way so you can avoid these common pitfalls and get your sales team up and running faster
  • ​How to transform your calendar from overfilled to open and spacious, so you can have plenty of time to be creative, support your clients, and enjoy time with loved ones
  • ​The systems and processes I have in place with my sales team to help them enroll new clients every week

My clients WIN every week, and you’re next!

She said yes to my 6-month program for $5000 paid in full!
Susan Goodson

I had a $10,000 month!
June Grushka-Rosen

I pitched a new offer to a client last night - six months at $5K. She agreed!
Renee Jones

I sold a $10K 1:1 package, and Thursday… I’ve never sold higher than around 6K for any offer…
Tara Trottier

I confirmed my 10th woman for my 6-month program!!
Lauren Balukjian

Two pay-in-fulls this week… celebration!
Cat Dillon

Hi, I’m Amy Yamada!

I am committed to helping you build a deep connection with your ideal clients through authentic marketing messaging and heart-centered sales conversations.
After working in the local Seattle media scene as a Marketing Director and an Advertising Executive for fifteen years, I knew I wanted something more… and it wasn’t continuing to climb the corporate ladder.
I started my coaching practice 10 years ago, and through using what I’m about to teach out in this free workshop, I’ve scaled to a multiple 7-figure brand.
When you build a sales team that is inspiring, heart-centered, and dedicated to making a difference, your BEST clients will be thrilled to work with you and say YES with ease.

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